Sunday, July 28, 2013

Stuffed Dates

Hey Guys!

Today i want to show you guys how to make "Stuffed Date".This is an old & very dear tradition in our family. Me and My chachu (Uncle) used to make them and it was our little tradition in every Ramadan. Before Iftari we have to prepare them,just me and him and i felt very special because no one other then me was allowed to touch them before they were ready, now when i look back i can clearly see that I was the only child there,My brother was 3 years younger then me and he was not at all interested on even looking at them haha. This is called the innocence of Childhood :)
Anyways Stuffed dates are very quick and easy way to impress anyone. It tastes Delicious and you can stuff your dates with whatever you want its totally up to you ;)

Anyways Let's get into the recipe :)


For this all you need are

  • Dates
  • Cream Cheese
  • Almond/Walnuts

Make Slit in the center of each date and Using a small spoon or butter knife Stuff the pitted dates with Cream cheese and topped them with roasted almond/Walnut. Refrigerate Before serving. And Voila your delicious date are ready.

You can serve them in Iftari or any other party you want they taste and look delicious Trust Me!
In Pakistan you can find cream cheese at Al-Fatah. They have 2 brands Philadelphia and PUK both taste delicious and i think PUK is cheaper then Philadelphia ones :)

Have you guys tried this before If yes then do let me know your experience or what filling you prefer :)


Have a Nice Weekend



  1. Great recipe thanks for sharing. Following this blog by bloglovin I'm number 2 also been following you by google and your other blog by bloglovin. Have a good night.

  2. These are very delicious.. I have seen it selling in Saudia Arabia when my parents went for Hajj season, they grab them for us :)

  3. Thanks for posted this recipe! I'm currently in Doha and I'm your new follower!
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