Sunday, July 28, 2013

Stuffed Dates

Hey Guys!

Today i want to show you guys how to make "Stuffed Date".This is an old & very dear tradition in our family. Me and My chachu (Uncle) used to make them and it was our little tradition in every Ramadan. Before Iftari we have to prepare them,just me and him and i felt very special because no one other then me was allowed to touch them before they were ready, now when i look back i can clearly see that I was the only child there,My brother was 3 years younger then me and he was not at all interested on even looking at them haha. This is called the innocence of Childhood :)
Anyways Stuffed dates are very quick and easy way to impress anyone. It tastes Delicious and you can stuff your dates with whatever you want its totally up to you ;)

Anyways Let's get into the recipe :)


For this all you need are

  • Dates
  • Cream Cheese
  • Almond/Walnuts

Make Slit in the center of each date and Using a small spoon or butter knife Stuff the pitted dates with Cream cheese and topped them with roasted almond/Walnut. Refrigerate Before serving. And Voila your delicious date are ready.

You can serve them in Iftari or any other party you want they taste and look delicious Trust Me!
In Pakistan you can find cream cheese at Al-Fatah. They have 2 brands Philadelphia and PUK both taste delicious and i think PUK is cheaper then Philadelphia ones :)

Have you guys tried this before If yes then do let me know your experience or what filling you prefer :)


Have a Nice Weekend


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wet & Wild Spotlight Red Lipstick - SWATCH & REVIEW

Hey guys!
If you have been following my blog for sometime then you know that how much i love natural/almost natural lip colors, i love how they make you look polish and clean without drawing too much attention to your lips BUT recently my heart is gravitating towards dark and brighter lip colors and this July i cannot stop myself buying and wearing these amazing yummy bright colors.

Today i will be talking about one of my recent favorite super affordable drugstore lipstick Spotlight Red from Wet and Wild.

 This brand is well known for their soft and amazingly affordable eye-shadows so i decided to try their lipsticks as well. As you guys know i am a newbie in wearing bright and bold lip colors so i thought i would start from the affordable drugstore brands and if i continue to love bold lips then i would definitely try the higher end brands. Spotlight red is the perfect blue-based red. It is not too matte and has very good staying power. I have to use a lip brush to get more precision.Formula is not quite as creamy as I would have liked. They definitely feel on the drier side as matte lipsticks will. They feel more comfortable to me with a lip balm under them which is totally fine with me. The packaging is the infamous wet n wild packaging kind of annoying since the stick juts out over the top of the tube so when you put the cap back onto the tube, you have to be careful not to slice the lipstick. The color payoff is amazing, makes my teeth look white which is a huge plus.I do like that the cap is see-through so that I can tell what lipsticks are what colors easily enough in my makeup bag.The color stays on so well i have to remove it with makeup wipe. I really like this lipstick and i have been wearing it with white,black dresses. On the face Revlon color-stay foundation and a lot of black mascara(i have 3 favorite mascaras at the moment), nude pencil on top & bottom water line and Spotlight Red on lips. Oh and i have heard this is a great dupe for MAC Russian red,Another Plus for me ;).I really like this color and i would definitely recommend it i got mine from CVS for 1.99$
Have you ever tried any lipsticks from wet n Wild and if yes which is your favorite shade? i would love to know because i am really tempted to try some new colors :)

PS: I am planning on hosting a giveaway on my blog.I will announce it next Week,i am really excited & cannot wait to share it with you guys. :)

Mariam Haq

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sephora,Betsy Johnson,Abercrombie & Fitch + A little Ramble :)

Hey Guys!
 This is a bit of a compilation post. Rather than making a mini different posts about my weekend and the stuff i bought or currently loving i put them all in one post.

I have been debating on buying a clarisonic mia for few months now, this Saturday i woke up and went on Sephora's website and Finally ordered one for myself  so now i am waiting for my parcel very patiently.. you guys cannot imagine how much excited i am right now 
other then that i bought this perfume from sephora last week it was total a spur-of-the-moment decision.

Betsy Johnson's Too Too
Check this out yourself isn't it the cutest perfume bottle you have ever seen. A perfume bottle wearing too too it was love at first sight i had to have that prettiness on my vanity so i got the 1.7 ml one for 31$ LINK!.. it has very sweet scent which i like but i m not very crazy abot it either,
Would I Wear it? "Yes".. Would I Repurchase It? "NO".

The Other perfume which i am absolutely loving and lusting over is FIERCE By Abercrombie & Fitch Link!

It is Heaven in a bottle. My brother has it and i just love it. My brother and i both are nuts about perfumes we both have a huge collection of perfumes and recently i have been wanting to wear this men cologne CAN YOU GUYS BELEIVE IT? i know me neither. I have already wore it a few times before going to bed hehe (Dont tell my brother)  ;). I am thinking about getting one for my fiance as well..I am very bad at describing scents. I either love them or hate them but i cannot describe them lol. Anyways what do you guys think about the bottle do let me know in the comment below *wink wink*

I have been using new makeup wipes which i got accidentally from Wallgreens Link! because i was in a hurry and i thought they were from Garnier because of the color Anyways i end up loving Them more then the Garnier ones.

These wipes are really amazing for removing makeup. They make my skin very clean and refreshed. Formula is very light, It almost felt like you are cleaning your face with the water. I have not tried to remove any waterproof makeup with it. But it does its job pretty well. These wipes reminds me of the ones i used to buy from Makro on Link Road Lahore. They were the Bomb. I got my whole family hooked on those. I would definitely make a blog post about them when i would be back in Lahore because i think every one should use those they were cheap and Awesome Trust me!.. Yeah so these Absolute ones have 3 different smells or types, Green Tea,Cucumber and Lemon mine is green tea one and i am absolutely loving them i think you should give them a try too :)
Yeah so that was all the little products update and my ramble. Have you guys tried any of these products? what do you think Do let me know.. 

Mariam Haq