Thursday, August 1, 2013

July favorites

July is officially over and it was a very busy and hectic month for me. Health-wise not so good. I had infection and i had to see the doctor a few times but now i am perfectly fine. Beauty-wise it was a really good month. I have found a lot of new and good beauty products & brands. Ramadan is going very well,my family likes to stay at home for iftar and i am trying to eat healthy. So except for coffee, i have been eating pretty much at home all the time.

Anyways lets get into the post 

I have been loving Clearsonic Mia.It is an amazing invention and worked really well on my skin. I've had no side effects yet (fingers crossed). I am planning on a full on review of my experience on Mia with you guys so don't forget to check that out in the future.

MAC Studio Fix fluid is my love. I have been using it for 7 years now and it is hands down the best full coverage foundation for my skin when my skin needs full coverage. i am shade NC20 . if you guys want me to do a review on it let me know in the comments below:)

Garnier BB Cream is for those days when i don't want to spend a lot of time doing my makeup or i m in a hurry i use this cream with mascara and Bright lipstick. I have a detailed review on this BB Cream LINK!

Yes To Grapefruit Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream & Dark Spot Correcting Serum are going to be the permanent in my daily routine. I have been using these for almost 1 and half months and i cannot tell you guys how much they've made my skin happy. My next post is a detailed review on these two babies, so if you want to get rid of acne spots or fine lines under your eyes don't forget to read my next blog post 

I have heard a lot of bad stuff about Maybelline Color Whisper in the past, that they are very sheer or won't last long but i could not resist buying one because i love the packaging,its very sleek and girly. I wanted to be safe so i went for the almost nude color "Lust For Blush".This is a muted, slightly cool toned mauvey pink on my lips.It's sheer but pigmented and build-able (not to full coverage), has a glossy finish, non-drying not moisturizing either. I love it  . I might purchase more colors in this collection but right now i am content with this one . I got mine from ULTA for 7.49$ LINK! Other then that i have been using wet & Wild's Spotlight Red a lot and if you want to know my thoughts about it, Click HERE!

The perfumes i gravitate towards are girly, sweet and floral. I don't like ones that are too musky or citrusy.  But this month i have been using The Body by Burberry a lot i don't know how to explain this scent. This is not my typical sweet scent but it is very womanly, very sophisticated and not too overpowering. It makes me feel like a lady haha . This perfume is actually inspired by Burberry's trench coat which is always beautiful and classy. It has rosewood, iris and vanilla in it. I absolutely love this perfume.

I have two favorite polishes this month. One is from OPI "Skull and Bones" from their Pirates of the Caribbean collection. This is very unique color, a very milky, dirty grayish, white color.
The other one is from Sinful colors and is called "Boogie Nights". It's pinkish coral in color.


Loving the new plot about Lilith and Bill but totally hating the new romance between Warlow and sookie. I want sookie and Eric together .

New drama reminds me of Desperate housewives which i absolutely loved. So i am hooked on this too 

Have A Nice Weekend 

Mariam Haq

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